RF Smart Bias Tee

RF Smart Bias Tee

Our Smart Bias Tee combines the performance of a Standard Bias Tee with the function of an additional modem based on AISG standards. The Smart Bias Tee provides DC power as well as remote control signals via an RF coaxial feeder cable to a Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) or Remote Control Unit (RCU or RET) of an antenna. A low RF signal Insertion Loss (IL) from port 1 to port 2 and vice versa is a key feature of our Smart Bias Tee. It also includes a protective device against static discharge and lightning ensure a high level of reliability and operational safety.
We offer 4 different models where DC voltage ranges +10 … +30 V DC for use near the BTS in order to feed-in DC voltage and RCU or RET control signals into a feeder cable and for use near the antenna in order to control an RCU (only required if noTMA is used).


Bias Tee Product ID Picture Connector Frequency Band (MHz) IM3 (dBc) 2*43dBm Insertion Loss (dB) Isolation (dB) Power
Smart Bias Tee 13001842

DIN Female 698-2700 -161 2.1 25 200W

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