Low PIM Tapper

Low PIM Tappers

RF tappers allow a portion of the signal to tap off to a branch or an antenna while allowing the rest of the signal to pass through with a minimum of loss.
For low SWR on the main line input and on output ports all tapper ports must be terminated in 50Ω terminator device or a furhter 50Ω cable system or an antenna.
Tappers operate similarly to directional couplers but with no directivity over a broad bandwidth spectrum. All PIM values are measured against IM3 (dBc@2*43dBm) and are lower than ≤-150dBc. Permissable power is 200W, Impedance 50Ω, all tappers are rated IP66.

Tapper Product ID Picture Connector Frequency (MHz) Insertion loss (dB) Isolation (dB)
6dB 13001760

DIN-Female 698-2700 -1.5 27
7dB 13001761

DIN-Female 698-2700 1.1 28
10dB 13001762

DIN-Female 698-2700 0.5 30
15dB 13001763

DIN-Female 698-2700 0.2 32
20dB 13001764

DIN-Female 698-2700 0.2 35
30dB 13001765

DIN-Female 698-2700 0.1 40
40dB 13001766

DIN-Female 698-2700 0.1 40


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