Integrated Drone Defence Systems

Integrated UAV Drone Defence Systems

UAVs are unwanted in specific areas and especially where No-Fly Zones have been defined.
Monitoring these No-Fly Zones and taking quick counter measures if violated our Integrated UAV Defence System supports government authorities in many ways.


Modular – Flexible – Integrated UAV Defence System

All components of our UAV Defence System are designed to be modularly integrated, just addressing specific customer requirements. From a portable,
ready for mission, simple to operate standalone system to a vehicle mounted system providing extended performance to a fully integrated UAV Defence System with centralised Command&Control unit, we provide standard products as well as customer specific solutions. A few KPIs describe the strength of this solutions: Frequency range 20MHz up to 9 GHz, RF output power 1 Watt to 2000 Watt.


As the the No-Fly Zone can be an airport, a palace, a tourist hotspot, etc. flexibility and customisation are key! We will have a solution for every single requirement.


We analysed globally the operating frequencies of UAVs – prices from 100 USD to 50’000 USD. Based on this experience we can provide ECM (electronic counter measures) to control access of drones to restricted areas.


Our integrated solution comprises of the following components:


Drone Jamming Systems
– Portable System
– Mobile System
– Stationary System


Drone Detection and Identification Systems
– UAV Radar Detection
– Acoustic Sensors
– Optical Cameras
– RF Sensors
– Spectrum Analysis Tools
– Directional Finders
– Thermal Cameras


Integrated Drone Defence System
– Drone Defence Command & Control Unit
– Mobile Command & Control Cube
– Modular Components
– Optional Integration of further systems


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