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GridObserver® is a Network Management System (NMS). GridObserver® has the most comprehensive support of monitorable equipment possible, both in terms of breadth of vendors supported and depth of support for a device type. Our data collection system is engineered to scale to data collection volumes that exceed our competitors. GridObserver®’s Actionable Intelligence Engine provides users with information about network health and performance that is most relevant to that user’s role. Collectively through Leading Indicator Technology, Key Performance Indicators and Network Analysis and Visualization GridObserver® is a source of knowledge about the network. This knowledge enables you to engage with your network with understanding.


Key Differentiators


  • One of the unique features of GridObserver® is monitoring any kind of IoT devices.
  • Fast and Easy Deployments – we are able to deploy far more rapidly and comprehensively than other competitors’ monitoring systems. We have timelines measured in days, not months.
  • Value provided within days of installation, default monitoring templates often start revealing actionable problems while system/site specific monitoring configurations are being established
  • Prevent problems from going unnoticed- for example many systems will quietly collect counter data about errors on a port, however GridObserver® will contextually understand that a problem exists and inform users

What Does GridObserver® Do for My Network?
GridObserver®’s subatomic modeling provides a far more robust suite of tools that permit engineers to anticipate, correct and mitigate network issues. Atomic modeling at the subatomic level heightens efficiency and improves business performance at all levels by revealing the deeper relationships within the network.
Operators are updated with the most crucial data and metrics to ensure smooth operations and minimal downtime. Simultaneously, executives and managers can make sound business decisions with GridObserver®’s precision data.
GridObserver® will integrate with every network available, which makes it easy to customize to specific network and business needs.
GridObserver®’s subatomic modeling yields tools and features that offer greater efficiency, adaptability and unique abilities to ensure that a network is operating at its peak efficiency at all times. This means rapid risk free deployment with immediate results.
GridObserver® is more than a management system, GridObserver® is an intelligent system in an appliance.


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