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InterCom – Public Address General Alarm (PAGA)

ProCom’s Digital Communication System DVS-21 is the latest communication PAGA system. It provides power supply to all modules including audio signals and control functions. DVS-21 is freely programmable using Intercom Control Software (ICS) via PC/Modem or via TCP/IP. The digital central exchange is very compact and modular at the same time using a powerful backplane to interface with any of the DVS-21 modules.


Intercom and Public Address Solutions
Intercom and Public Address solutions are key technologies which add another level to safety and operational security to companies running mission critical processes and operating high value assets.


DVS-21 provides a modern and extremely robust hardware platform which runs Intercom, Public Address and General Alarm services either manually or fully automated. DVS-21 integrates with existing fire alarm systems, data networks, call stations, PBX telephone systems, mobile radio systems and many more. Its strength is its strong capability to integrate and to be integrated.


With only two eurocard modules, systems of up to 104 audio frequency interfaces (e.g. call stations) and up to 6 kW of public address output power can be controlled. With additional serial interface modules basic systems are linked to form larger and redundant systems of typically 600 intercom call stations and/or 20 kW of public address audio power.


Each system consists of 48-way speech paths of which “Group Calls”, “All Calls” or the individual selective connections only occupy a single of total 48 channels.


software control


Easy and fast configuration due to graphic interface
ICS software allows easy and fast configuration due to graphic interface designed for ease of operation. A library of pre-programmed functions is contained within the programme and is available to all users. The behaviour of DVS-21 can be defined by applications of any logical complexity which can be created by modifying the pre-programmed library utilising ICS.


The cabinet exchange wiring inclusive of termination is also automatically generated by the program enabling “As Is” documentation to be available at any time.


The processor module has the capability of storing 4 program listings simultaneously. Switching and activation of different program listings takes only a few seconds. Modifications during commissioning can now be instantly tried with the assurance that the last 3 settings can be instantly recovered. The system is permanently self-controlled with automatic individual or common fault reports. Programs for simulation and testing purpose are also built-in with ICS.


A manifold of interface modules are available to connect and interface with existing infrastructures to match with connection of the DVS-21 from other manufacturers are also available. This allows easy replacement or expansion of other manufacturers central equipment while retaining the existing and costly peripherals such as intercom stations and loudspeakers is easily accomplished.


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