DSL – Fiber Modems – TDM Multiplexer

DSL – Fiber Modems – TDM Multiplexer

We offer products and solutions from the experts in voice and data transmission over copper and fiber media from FlexDSL.


SHDSL and SHDSL.bis solutions

Together with FlexDSL we offer a broad range of SHDSL, SHDSL.bis modems and repeaters designed to meet both carrier and access network needs as well as industrial requirements. Our modems support various interfaces (Ethernet, E1, Serial) and available in different types of enclosures.
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MiniFlex IP Multiplexer and interface extenders for harsh environment

The MiniFlex platform consist of IP Multiplexer and interface extenders that allows network operators to transmit Ethernet, TDM, Serial data and Voice over copper and fiber media. All members of MiniFlex Family are designed for harsh environment.
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Fiber Modems

FlexGain FOM4 and FOM16 fiber modems is a cost-effective solution for voice and data transmission over fiber-optic cables.
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TDM Multiplexers

FlexGain Plex and FlexGain 4XE are compact TDM-based Multiplexers and Cross-Connect Systems with up to 8 Voice channels
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Voice over IP Gateways and Serial Converters

FlexCON VoIP opens a new product line of industrial-grade VoIP gateways and Serial Converters.
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Rugged Outdoor Ethernet Extenders


FlexDSL Orion3 and MiniFlex units available in rugged enclosures for outdoor usage.

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