FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly (FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor)

FCA IEC 60332 Drum Fiberoptic cable assembly flame retardantFCA IEC 60332 Cable Divider Fiberoptic cable assembly flame retardant

FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor cable assemblies are ready-to-use fiber optic cable assemblies which are flame retardant. FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor is used in environments where flame propagation along the assembly is prohibited like with riser cables in vertical cable conduits.


Our Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (FCA) are equipped with cable dividers, which are designed and manufactured OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY to perfectly match our customer requirements.



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FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor Cable Assembly Data Sheet


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