OPTO Point One

OptoPoint™ ONE

OptoPoint ONE – Fiber optic closure for many different applications. Single housing body, hinged tray, multiple different frames and inserts available to meet individual requirements.


OptoNet OptoPoint Product Family


Main Features

  • Small form factor suitable for splicing and patching

  • Hinged tray provides flexibility for optimal mating of connectors and for easy access to pigtails for cleaning

  • Cable entries at bottom and at top

  • Splicing cassettes for single fiber management

  • E-2000, SC, F-3000 and LC connectors and adaptors

  • Easy mounting to C-Profile

  • Stacking of mutiple OptoPoint One unit even with different configurations


Left OptoPoint for splicing and patching fitted with:

  • 12 x E-2000/APC
  • 6 x SC splice cassette for each 12 crimp splice protectors

Right OptoPoint for active components fitted with:

  • Ruggedcom Switch and Ruggedcom SerialServer
  • C-Profile termination with 4x E-2000/APC

Optonet OptoPoint One product shot

Left OptoPoint for patching of FOC (fiber optic cable assemblies) fitted with:

  • 12x E-2000/APC
  • 12x LC/APC duplex

Right OptoPoint for splicing fitted with:

  • 12x SC splicing cassette with each having 12 crimp splice protector slots

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