Fiber Optic Closures – Enclosures – Outlets

Fiber Optic Closures – Enclosures – Outlets

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers a wide range of fiber optic enclosures which are able to connect and distribute optical fibers in Fiber-to-the-Home, Fiber-in-the-Home and LAN networks. All products fulfil bending radius protection, overlength storage and a safe splice protector fixation.

Our wall box series provides fast installation, high packing density and optimized integration. The design originates from requirement in FTTH, FITH, LAN- and industrial cabling. Our wallboxes provide IP 65 protection and are characterised by their high robustness.

All splice closures, dome and in-line types are fitted with either multi fiber or single fiber management cassettes or a mixtures ot both, as per your requirement.


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