Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber Optic Solutions

Oil&Gas companies and Telecom Operators are running extensive mobile and fixed networks. Together with industrial companies they value our harsh environment fiber optic products for control and data transmission in industrial automation (SCADA, ProfiBus, Serial,…)

FO Cable Assemblies Made-On-Order

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY supplies the full range of standard fiber optic connectors, cables and cable assemblies. Pay-as-you-go modular and scalable end-to-end fiber management systems provide customer-specific solutions for data centers, control rooms and distribution networks.


OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY operates its own fiber optic cable assembly workshop in Dubai. We are manufacturing fiber optic cable assemblies at highest standard and in fastest lead time. Our focus is on fiber optic assemblies for harsh environment like Oil&Gas, industrial and telecom markets. Our speciality is to manufacture fire resistant cable assemblies according to the following standards:


    IEC 60331-25 – Tests for fiberoptic cables under fire conditions: Fire resistant
    IEC 60331-11 – Tests for electric cables under fire conditions
    IEC 60332-3 – Flame retardant
    IEC 61034-2 – Low smoke emission
    USA NFPA130:2014 – Compliance
    ASTM C 1166 – Flame propagation
    ASTM D 3675 – Surface flammability
    ASTM E 662 – Specific optical density of smoke
    ASTM E 1354 – Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates
    ASTM D 635 – Rate of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position
    4 CFR 25-F – Part I 60-second Vertical Bunsen Burner Test
    BSS 7239 – Test method for toxic gas generation

We are supplying OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 fiber types within different cable designs of non-metallic, tactical and heavily armoured cables using corrugated stainless steel tubes together with Kevlar (aramide) rowings.


Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environment

Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environment

SC APC connector polishing

SC APC connector polishing


High Density Optical Distribution Racks (ODR and ODF)
Efficient fiber management, highest fiber density per ODR and its modular design allows our ODRs to address all technical requirement easily.

Fiberoptic Cable Assemblies (FCA)
Ready-to-use cabling systems guarantee highest transmission reliability in indoor, outdoor or harsh environment areas.

Fiber Optic Cables
Cable range includes a wide assortment for telecom, premises wiring and industry applications of cables.


Fiber Optic Connectors and Adaptors
The entire spectrum of fiber optic connectors from a single brand provides best optical performance.


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