All About Fiber Optics

All about fiber optics

Our most efficient fiber optic solutions consist of

Connectors E2000, EBC, FC, FSMA, Hybrid, MPO, MTP, MT-RJ, LC, LC-HD, LC-XD, SC, ST, LX.5 (SFOC 1.25), ODC-2, ODC-4, QODC-2, QODC-4, QODC-12, Q-XCO and more…


Cables FTTH indoor, indoor cables, breakout cables, hybrid cables, universal use cables, RADOX® cables, outdoor cables, corrugated steel tape armoured cables, fire resistant cables, sub-marine cables GYTA53+33, ADSS, GYXTW, GYXTW53, GYXTW-COPPER, GYTS, GYXTS, GYFTS, GYTA, GYTA53, GYTA33, GYTY53, GYFTY, GYFTY53, GYXTY, GYTC8S, GYFXY, GYXTC8S, GYFTC8S, GYTC8Y, GYXTC8Y, GYFTC8Y, GYTC8A, GJFJV, GJFJZY, GJFJBV, GJFJBZY and more…


Fibers using standard ITU-T fibers: Single Mode 9/125/245μm, NZ-DS and Multi Mode G50/125/245μm like OM2, OM2 Plus, OM3, OM4, G62.5/125/245μm like OM1, OM2, H200/230/500 μm.


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