Camouflage Antennas

Camouflage Antennas & LTE CleanSite Swap

Our product spectrum of camouflage antennas from TELNET offers telecom operators a wide range multi-band trisector antennas. Camouflage antennas consist of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 special antennas per sector which are enclosed within a cylinder shaped radome and resembles a chimney or exhaust pipe.


The frequency range of the antennas covers all GSM, 3G, 4G and LTE frequencies from 698-960MHz, 1710-2100MHz and 2300-2600MHz.

We offer comprehensive turn-key swap packages for existing Powerwave CleanSite MonoPole sites. The packages are ready for installation and can use existing foundations. No civil works required! The downtime of a typical swap site is only a few hours using our turn-key swap packages. Swap packages are includinging base adaptor, pole elements, internal Remote Electrical Tilt (iRET) for all bands, iRET cables and the antenna. Camouflage TriSector MonoPole Antennas are available from 2 ports up to 12 ports per sector.
All RETs are AISG V2 compliant to work with base stations provided by Huawei, NSN, Ericsson, Samsung etc. All latest antenna models come with all internal RETs called iRET.

The compact size and the few visual impact, together with their multiband – multi-operator capabilities make camouflage antennas the ideal solution for prestigious areas, to avoid social rejection and for areas where antennas need to be hidden. Camouflage antennas are provided as a package together with a flexible pole system which is able to fit to architectural requirements at every site.


Photos of installed sites where old Powerwave CleanSite were replaced by Trisector LTE MonoPole antennas provided by OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY.

10 port CleanSite swap antenna rooftop

10 port CleanSite swap antenna rooftop

10 port tri sector swap antenna

10 port tri sector swap antenna interface for 30 ports

Rooftop site after antenna swap

Rooftop site after antenna swap

Camouflage trisector antenna incl. microwave links

Camouflage trisector antenna incl. microwave links


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