PIM Testing

PIM Testing

Passive InterModulation (PIM), the new benchmark in antenna system health, has become one of the greatest challenges of frequency planners in today’s mobile communication systems. System planners, equipment and component vendors alike are faced with the ever changing dynamics of higher transmit signals and base station sensitivity and the nonlinear response of two or more frequency signals causing serious interference and network signal degradation. With the uncertainty of the root cause of PIM in any given system, the need to deploy specific testing solutions in a professional, reliable instrument has become paramount in maintaining the overall antenna health for system providers.




OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers PiMPro products as service and for sale. We use PiMPro family of analyzers to provides PIM testing services for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.


4G networks feature an increased mobile data rate of 100 Mbps and this higher transmission rate will expose PIM vulnerabilities in today’s networks like never before. Network operators also face the challenge of maintaining customer loyalty in an unforgiving competitive arena. As such, good network PIM performance and PIM testing are now imperative. Since 2016 telecom companies raised the maximum permitted PIM level to -100dBm. To achieve this value in a DAS system all components have to have individual PIM values of less than -155dBm to -165dBm.


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