RFID Tracking and Tracing Solutions

Productions companies own big quantities of asset, machines, tool, raw materials, spare parts and products stock in warehouses.

  • Where is the asset I’m looking for just now?
  • When was this spare part purchased and by whom?
  • Which tools do I need to install this spare part?
  • When is next maintenance of my machines due?


RFID Solution
HARTING RFID systems allow automatic identification and location of any kind of assets. The RFID solution integrates with PLC- and ERP-systems, handheld devices, PCs, tablets, etc. in order to provide the right information at the right place.
Typical RFID solution elements

  • HARTING Ha-VIS RFID RF-400 systems allow the highly reliable identification and localisation of assests
  • Ha-VIS VT86 RFID transponder optimized for function on metal or in metal cavities
  • Transponder is highly resistant against chemicals and operates in high temperature up to 210°C
  • RFID antennas are designed for best function in challenging, metal containing environments, Numerous PLC function blocks are available for the quick integration (e.g. Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley).

The HARTING RFID Embedded Transponder is not only recognizing IDs, it can also transfer sensor data. This allows new fields of application. The integrated UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology has the function of acting as a direct control system in vertically integrated production processes compliant with Industry 4.0.
A major advantage of the UHF-based control system is its passive operation which means that the transponder can address external sensors connected to it at a range of up to 2.5m and also transfer additional data to the reader in passive mode. Passive mode means that the system does not need an energy source on the side of the transponder. The system draws its energy only from the RFID reader.



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