Industrial Connectors: HARTING

Industrial Connectors: HARTING

HARTING is a world market leading manufacturer of industrial connectivity solutions. The product portfolio covers 3 lines of industrial connectivity: “Power”, “Signal” and “Data”. HARTING designs and manufactures not only components but also entire applications and turn-key solutions for a number of vertical markets like for robots, transportation, concert and event harnessing, wind towers, automatisation technologies, automotive sector. HARTING is a leading partner and supplier towards the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).
The key differentiator of HARTING products is the focus on quality and customer focus.
Each product group is presented on its own page:
Industrial Connectors Han®: Industrial Connectors Han®

Coaxial and Metric Connectors: Coaxial and Metric Connectors

M8 M12 Circular Connectors: M8 M12 Circular Connectors

RFID Solutions HaVIS RFID System: RFID Solutions

preLink® connectors: HARTING_PreLink_Connectors

Han® 1A: HARTING: Han® 1A Connectors


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