LTE/WiFi Cellular Routers

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides top quality LTE/WiFi cellular routers from Korenix. We offer a wide product range including industrial wireless solutions which contribute a wherever wireless network components are required. For WLANs we provide not only affordable, entry-level wireless access points but also high-end multifunctional access points and access stations including its management backend system.

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JetWave 3420 V3

Cellular LTE/WiFi Routers

JetWave 3420 V3

JetWave 2414

Cellular LTE Routers

JetWave 2714GF
JetWave 2714G
JetWave 2414
JetWave 2411L
JetWave 2411

JetWave 2714G

WiFi Routers

JetWave 4200
JetWave 4020
JetWave 3220
JetWave 2714
JetWave 2450
JetWave 2212

JetWave 4110L LoRa

LoRa Routers

JetNet 4410L

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