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Enviroflex Halogen-Free Coaxial Cables

The Enviroflex cable family enables users to quickly switch from fluorine/PVC-containing cables to halogen-free alternatives.
Materials used in the cable design – both for the dielectric and for the jacket – do not include any halogens. The dimensions of individual cable types are entirely compatible with international RG cable standards. Standard connectors can be used without any restrictions terminating the Enviroflex cable family.
Choose the environmental friendly alternative!

RF Cable Catalogue

Spuma, S and SX coaxial cables provide lowest attenuation, high flexibility and optimal shielding. Spuma series cables are compatible with LMR® products from Times Microwave.
The series with LSFH jacket material and the radiation crosslinked SX series with the RADOX® jacket offer extremely high flame protection. The PTFE/FEP cables of our RG/K series are designed for applications up to 200 °C and are characterised by low losses, especially at high frequencies. The Enviroflex cables do not contain fluorine plastics neither in dielectric nor in jacket materials and thus provide a robust and environmentally friendly option.
Our standard line includes RG coaxial cables based on MIL standards as well as the halogen free and mechanically compatible alternatives of the Enviroflex basic, G, and GX. While types with LSFH jackets offer low smoke and fire resistance, the ones with RADOX® jackets additionally offer a higher temperature range and maximum environmental resistance. HUBER+SUHNER provides specific cables to cover requirement like low noise measurements as well as triaxial applications. UL recognised and railway approved cables are completing
the product offer.
• Low loss
• Excellent shielding
• Mostly halogen free Benefits
• RG standard
• Extended temperature range
• High power

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