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JetWave 3420 V3

The JetWave 3420 is an industrial grade Cellular LTE plus dual band 802.11ac WIFI IP gateway which enables access to the Ethernet, WIFI and Serial port communication over the LTE network, also backward compatible with 4G LTE. The JetWave 3420 is equipped with next generation Long Term Evolution cellular communication module, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 802.11ac 2.4G/5G selectable WIFI radio and 1xRS232/422/485 Serial Port.
The embedded LTE cellular module supports LTE bands and backward support of UMTS/HSPA+. These bands are extremely popular applications in cellular network and which comfort for the requirements to setup a cellular network. The WIFI radio supports 2T2R, 867Mbps data rate, and the wireless mode supports Access Point, Client, WDS-AP, WDS- CPE modes. The JetWave 3420-M12 equips with dual Gigabit Ethernet M12 anti-vibration connector for vehicle installation.

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