FO Cabling Systems

FTTA Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

If you are looking for the shortest possible installation time, great installation flexibility, cost of ownership and logistics-optimised deployment MASTER LINE products are the right solution for FttA, Fiber to the Antenna repectively Fiber to RRU.
General features
• Power and Data Hybrid cabling system for up to 9 RRHs in a single cable
• Flexible hybrid cable with low bending radius and excellent cable routing properties
• Overlength management – cable jacket with ripcords for easy and quick stripping
• Ruggedised plastic enclosure with robust break-out cables
• No special installation tools required
• Robust braided sleeve with pulling sock for cable lifting
• Supplied on double-flange reels for straight forward unspooling
• Fiber optic breakout cables terminated with Q-ODC extensions to connect with Q-ODC RRH jumpers
• Power cable connectorised or blunt cut

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