CNC Metal Works, Laser Cutting,
Bending, Welding

Our metal-related services include laser, water jet and plasma cutting. In our turnkey projects we often also design, build and install custom-design metal cabinet, housings for equipment like cameras and any kind of support elements like bars, antenna poles, brackets etc.  The machining capability allows the size of objects ranging from a few millimeters up to 8 meters. Depending on the requirements we use aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel types as raw material, sheets or blocks.

Together with our qualified and certified suppliers and service partners we are offering CNC controlled dynamic metal profiling and sheet metalwork.

After cutting of material often CNC machining is required to achieve the requested surface quality for some items. For other items like cut to shape  metal sheets, additional works CNC bending,  welding and fabrication are steps to build like enclosures. 

Final steps are surface treatment,  shot blasting, powder coating or wet painting all done according to the highest quality, environmental and health standards.

Please tell us about your requirements for metal processing and build of enclosures and housings.

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