Transportation Market

This market includes all means of transport like road and rail, marine, aviation and space vehicles. It also covers the needed infrastructure to provide data, video, control and electrical power. High-quality products which all have to be approved by local authorities are the building blocks of our solutions for e-mobility, public transport, marine vessels and aircrafts.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides entire solutions including railway approved items like antennas, low loss radio frequency cables, assemblies, connectors, routers, WiFi AccessPoints, DC/DC Converters, AC/DC converters, fiber optic cable assemblies, etc.
Our products are railway approved and compliant with the following standards: EN 45545, DIN 5510-2, EN 50155, NF F 16-101, NFPA 130, EN 60331 and many more.
OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides services to railway operator and railway manufacturing companies like MHI, Alstom, ABB, etc. Our services include procurement, project planning, installation and on-site testing of entire solutions.

Cisco 3702

Cisco 3702

Icomera X6 Router

Icomera X6 Router


Railway Antenna



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